How to Report an Absence

Regular school attendance and punctuality are important factors in the learning process. We encourage parents to limit student absences for appointments and refrain from taking children out of school for vacations and social outings.

Although daily attendance in school is extremely important, students should stay at home if they are not feeling well enough to participate in the school day.

Students may return to school when fever and vomit free without the aid of medication for 24 hours. 

If students are absent

  • Parents should call the school prior to 8:30am on the day of the absence, telling the reason for the absence. 269-926-3700
  • The school secretary will contact parents who do not phone, so we can verify the child's location.
  • Students who are absent for more than half a day of school due to illness should not participate in evening programs at the school.

NOTE: We will contact parents if children are absent or tardy on a regular basis. First teachers, then principals will contact parents. If the problem still persists, we will refer the matter to the attendance office of the Berrien County Intermediate School District.